Monday, May 12, 2014

Academic Options

To meet the growing demands of a ever changing student demographic, institutions have begun to start thinking digital.  Classes online are only growing in popularity due to their flexibility and more affordable prices. Without the physical aspects of brick and mortar universities, often times online universities can be substantially less expensive than their material campus counterparts.  
After finding the traditional community college to be less than adequate, McClintock found herself at Western Governor’s University, an online college that offered a more free form schedule. “My learning assessment is competency based, as opposed to credit hours which means that I have the power to go as fast or as slow through the course as I want.”
McClintock's flexible school schedule makes it possible for her to earn her degree, continue to work and still have time with her family. In addition to her love of the flexibility within the class structure, she is also very happy with her cost of attendance. As seen by the Western Governors University website (, cost of attendance for a six month program is about $2,890. Compare that number with those of a traditional University, such as Plymouth State University, with the cost of attendance per semester rounding out to about $18,000 for a non resident, and 11,000 for a resident (
Much like McClintock, Sirrina Simard, 26 of Merrimack NH, finds herself in a situation not so unique to the non traditional student. She works a 40 hr a week job at Dartmouth Hitchcock as an administrative assistant in the rheumatology department, as well as being a part time student, and working one night a week as a server at Hooked in Manchester.
Simard began attending Mt. Washington College (formally Hesser College) two years ago and is going for a bachelors degree in Psychology. "I found that Mt. Washington works for me because its the best of both worlds. I'm able to go for the online courses that I feel comfortable with taking digitally, and then for the classes that I think attending to on campus is a better fit I take there," says Simard.

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